Nothing in nature works by itself,

and neither should you.

Are you ready to move beyond the limitations of the DIY or Die life and finally get the help and support you need in your business?

Well, dear, you’re in the right place.

Image of Stephanie Boucher, a white woman in her 30s with tattoos and a septum piercing, smiling at the cameraI’m Stephanie Boucher, and I’m a botanical business coach and conscious copywriter. I help herbal entrepreneurs like you build flourishing businesses without selling out, burning out, or going it alone.

So that you can connect more plants with more people, make the income you need to thrive, and do it all on your terms and in alignment with your values.

A trillium with the words cultivate, remediate, and generate written on the petalsThis here isn’t business as usual – It’s Business as Medicine. Entrepreneurship that is healing to both you and your audience. Together, we’re going to cultivate new skills and systems, remediate unhealthy patterns that are sabotaging your best efforts, and generate new ways of doing business that are justice-oriented and liberatory.

Here's how we can work together:

the Greenhouse monthly membership

A low-cost, unconventional business community for values-driven herbal entrepreneurs. Grow a flourishing business without going it alone.

Courses + Workshops

Bite size skill-building for those looking to grow just one corner of their business at a time. Email marketing, online course building, product making, + more.

Book a 1:1 Call

Want focused, customized support on any aspect of your business, inner or outer? Sliding call one-off calls available here.

Done-for-you Copywriting Services

Ready to hand off the wordsmithing for your webpages, product descriptions, emails, social media posts, and more? Stay tuned!


None of these feel like a great fit right now, but want to stay in touch? I got you.

 💌 Sign up for my Medicine Letters here to get your once-a-month dose of inspiration, education, and co-regulation

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