2022 Vision and Plan Sessions

Dream big and map out your year, with the 1:1 support of an experienced herbal business coach.

Sessions open between now and the end of January 2022. There is limited availability, so booking early is encouraged.

Okay, let’s face it. 2020 and 2021 haven’t been the best of years for many of us. And I get it — it can feel hard to dream and plan in the face of continuing uncertainty. 

But one thing’s for sure. If you don’t take time to envision the business (and life) you want, and then make steps towards materializing that, you’re pretty much guaranteed to end up somewhere else.

That’s why I’m super excited to offer a limited number of longer sessions during this darker time of the year, to help YOU get clear on what you want in your business, and in your life, and map out how to get there.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

My passion is helping plant-based entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses in alignment with their values and with the earth, and I’d love to connect.

Honestly, these are some of my favorite kinds of sessions to have with folks, because I’m a hopeless visionary who can see the big picture, as well as a compulsive planner that can hold all the pieces and schedule them out like nobody’s business.

I want to see your botanical biz thriving, and can’t wait to learn more about it, and about you. You can learn more about me here.

Who is this for?

These calls are meant for folks at any stage in their business journey, including aspiring entrepreneurs who haven’t yet started their business. It does help, though, for you to have a solid idea for what it is you’d like to offer so we have something to work with.

When are sessions available?

Sessions are currently available between now and the end of January 2022. Availability is limited due to the nature of my schedule, so booking early is encouraged! 

What will I walk away with?

The goal is for you to walk away with a clear idea of what you want to have in place by the end of 2022 — and why — as well as actionable steps you need to take in order to get there. You’ll get a copy of the recording, as well as my notes for the call, with the vision and plan written out in black and white. Finally, if you want, I’ll also pull a tarot or oracle card to serve as additional guidance for the year ahead.

What’s the process like?

Before the call, I’ll have you fill out a brief questionnaire so I can get a sense of what your business is and where it’s at. Then we’ll meet on Zoom for 75 minutes and get to work. I’ll ask you lots of questions to help uncover what it is you truly want, what your capacity is, what your strengths are, and then help you craft a plan for aligned, sustainable growth towards your goals.
What’s your coaching style?

While I will absolutely offer my opinion and expertise as appropriate and as requested, I strive for my coaching and consulting to, first and foremost, empower you to tap into your own inner wisdom rather than me telling you what to do. Because of this, I ask deep questions. Consent matters to me, as does an awareness of power dynamics, so I try to always ask permission before digging deeper on potentially sensitive topics. Additionally, I operate from an ever-evolving anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, and earth-centric perspective, and bring those values fully into my work with clients.


The exchange for a 75-Minute Vision and Plan Session is $225. This includes not only our time together, but also a call recording and detailed notes emailed to you after the call, along with an oracle card image and description as an added layer of guidance if desired.

Because I’m committed to financial accessibility — particularly within the cannabis industry, but really, in all contexts — I do offer shame-free sliding scale and payment plan options on all my offerings. If my rate would create financial hardship for you, especially if you are BIPOC or otherwise marginalized, feel free to reach out to request a discount code. Learn more about my pricing philosophy and get guidance on how to use my sliding scale here.

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