Making Retail Hemp Products: Become a Legit CBD Product Biz from Formulation to Regulation

Cost: $500 or 4 payments of $125. Partial scholarships and extended payment plans available.
Portion of all proceeds donated to Last Prisoner Project

If you’ve paying even a little bit of attention over the past five years or so, you know about CBD. It seems like its in everything these days, and as an herbalist and/or plant lover you’ve probably had a few different reactions, including:

1) Wow! This is amazing! Cannabis is finally becoming more accepted and people are getting turned on to plant medicine!

2) Wow. This is ridiculous. They’re putting CBD in literally everything these days, and it doesn’t even make sense. This is just marketing BS from folks trying to get rich off a formerly illegal plant.

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The thing is, both things are true. Which is why we need folks like YOU in the industry more than ever. PLANT people, who understand how plants work and are in it for the right reasons.

If you’re here, you’ve toyed with the idea of selling hemp and CBD products yourself. Maybe you already have some herbal products out there, or maybe you’re still in the dreaming phase, but regardless you have a longing to add this incredibly plant to your herbal repertoire.

As you should, because Hemp/CBD is powerful in more ways than one.

For starters, it’s an incredibly potent plant with the potential to help a ton of people, and to reveal to them the power of herbal medicine (in many ways, it’s a gateway herb) . . . 

. . . AND it’s an incredibly popular plant with the potential to grow your business and finally make it more financially sustainable for you.


But there's a problem (or a few problems, really...)

You’ve got the idea and the passion, but when you think about actually executing the idea, you start to freeze up.

You’ve got a LOT of questions. Questions like:

What are the legal regulations around selling what I make?

What if I do something wrong and get in trouble?

How do I source my hemp (logistically / legally / ethically / affordably)?

What are the best practices around extracting and infusing hemp into my products?

How and when do I test my products, and how do I label them properly?

Can I even AFFORD to do this?

Isn’t the market saturated? How would I even stand out?

All of these questions accumulate, leaving you feeling scared and confused.

And so the idea stays an idea.

BUT part of you knows that if you could get these questions answered, and get some hand holding along the way, that you could become a real resource for high-quality hemp products. You could be legit — both in terms of quality and legality — helping more people, working to keep this plant in the hands of herbalists and healers, all while increasing the earning potential of your business.

And as a side note: not only that, but you’d be set up really nice for when retail THC products become a reality where you live (just sayin’).



Become a Legit CBD Product Biz from Formulation to Regulation

Here’s what we’re going to cover….


In our first week we’ll address the most common obstacle for folks like you — how to understand and navigate the confusing legal and regulatory systems surrounding hemp.

While we won’t be able to go into detail for each state during class, you’ll know exactly where to go to start the licensing process, and in Office Hours I’ll help answer questions specific to where you live. You’ll also end this week with an understanding of the current state of hemp products at the federal level, as well as other, non-hemp specific types of licenses and permits you may need.

Note: its highly recommended you look into your state’s requirements for hemp producers prior to enrolling, to make sure that making products is doable for you. If you need help with this, check out this state-by-state spreadsheet and reach out if you need help interpreting..


In our second week, you’ll learn about the different kinds of hemp out there, how to choose what make the most sense for your products, what questions to ask your supplier, and how to read the lab reports they send you. 

We’ll also collectively generate a resource list of ethical, sustainable hemp suppliers to source from, as well as where to find your other ingredients and what medicine making tools you’ll want to consider adding to your collection.


In week three, we’ll do a deep dive into hemp chemistry so that you understand best practices when it comes to extracting and infusing the plant into retail products. We’ll talk about the kinds of products that lend themselves best to small-scale hemp product lines, and you learn how to “do the math” so you can predict potency, and eliminate error and waste in the R&D process.


In our fourth week we’ll expand outward in two ways. First, we’ll explore adding other botanicals alongside hemp to create synergistic formulas, and how this can amplify and enhance your products’ flavor, effects, and marketability.

We’ll also have a bonus lesson with a guest teacher Emma Merritt about how to partner with co-manufacturing labs to more easily grow your product line, streamline production, and give you peace of mind around quality control and facility compliance.


In this week we’ll look at how to find and evaluate a testing lab, how to send in samples and results, how to interpret those results (and what to do if they’re not what you expected!) and then how to best report those results to your customers.

We’ll also have bonus lessons on both organic certification and Clean Green certification, why you might want them, and how to go about getting those seals of approval on your labels.


In our final week we’ll take a look at how to market and position yourself both effectively and compliantly. You’ll learn the words you should NEVER say in any of your marketing copy, as well as how to find your niche and your unique message, all so you can get noticed by the right people (and not the wrong ones). 

We’ll also cover restrictive advertising and payment processing rules that take a lot of new hemp product businesses by surprise, and you’ll learn strategies for working around those rules so that people can still find and buy your products without your accounts getting shut down.

By the end of our time together, you'll have all the knowledge you need to launch a legit and potent hemp product offering, and feel confident and excited about becoming a resource for quality, herbalist-crafted products

Cost: $500. Partial scholarships and payment plans available.
Portion of all proceeds donated to Last Prisoner Project.

In this course, my goal is to equip you with all the knowledge you need to successfully navigate an ever-changing, often-confusing industry, and to be your ally on the journey.

There’s some big pieces that are beyond the scope of this course – namely the basics of herbal medicine making (which you should already have), and FDA (c)GMP regulations for supplements (due to the immensity of that subject, and to the FDA’s current position on CBD).

Finally, although this course is quite content heavy, if you know me you know I give lots of time and space to the inner work — the struggles, the limiting beliefs, the fears, etc. And it’s entirely normal and even expected that you might have some of those, particularly as you enter this industry. So you’re encouraged to bring your whole self to the course. Given the nature of this industry, it’s all important, and relevant, and 100% something I can support you with.

Here's what you'll get


You’ll get immediate access to over 30 recorded lessons totaling 8 hours of content for you to watch on your own time. You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course, including all future updates for as long as I continue to run it.


In addition to the content, you’ll also get access to a private online group (in Mighty Networks) to get questions answered personally by me, to post your work, and to get feedback and support. You’ll have guaranteed access to this space for at least one year after you enroll.



or 4 payments of


Financial Accessibility: If you’re able to pay the full rate, I ask that you do so. This allows me to both get my needs met as well as offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford the full rate.

Because I am committed to dismantling systemic inequality, particularly as it manifests in the cannabis industry, shame-free partial scholarships and extended payment plans are available to BIPOC and other folks who are marginalized or have financial need. Head here for more context and email me directly if you’d like to request a discount code or an alternate payment plan.


Portion of all proceeds donated to Last Prisoner Project.

Who will you be working with?

picture of Stephanie holding a mug that says "Good Trouble"

Hi, I’m Stephanie (she/her). I’m a botanical business coach, CBD entrepreneur, clinically-trained herbalist, mother of a 6-year old, and your main teacher for Making Retail Hemp Products. I currently live in central Vermont on unceded Abenaki territory.

I started my own line of hemp products in 2018 (CannaBotanicals) with not much more than a fun idea, limited funds, a home kitchen, and an inkjet printer. Working with this plant, both personally and professionally, has been nothing short of magical, and I can’t wait to share everything I know with you.

You can learn more about me here.

Guest Teachers

Emma Merritt

Director of Innovation
and Product Development

Kria Botanicals

Parntering with a Co-Manufacuring Lab
Organic Certification

Jessilyn Dolan

Nurse, Cannabis Activist, Director of ACNA, and Founder of

NurseGrown Organics

Clean Green Certification

Tessa Rose

Herbalist + Product Formulator

The Hemp Witch

Tools of the Trade
Sourcing Extracts

This program is for you if...

  • You’re an herbalist or plant lover in years 0-5 of your business
  • You already have some basic knowledge of herbalism and medicine making
  • You care about making high-quality plant-based products
  • You are okay with taking risks and are willing (excited, really) to work with a controversial and legally-questionable plant. 🙂

This program is not for you if...

  • You don’t have a passion for or background in herbal medicine
  • Your current state requirements make it impossible for you to become a hemp manufacturer
  • You’re drawn to making hemp products only for the money
  • You’re not able or willing to work in an industry characterized by change and uncertainty.

We need more herbalists and plant people like YOU, who are in right relationship to the Cannabis plant, working and starting small businesses in the hemp industry. Will you answer the call?

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