Welcome to the Greenhouse

Grow a flourishing herbal business without selling out, burning out, or going it alone.

6-month business coaching program
$200/month + optional add-ons
Partial scholarships and extended payment plans available
Enrollment closes May 15, 2022

Here's what I believe...

I believe that your work is needed in the world.

I believe it’s not only possible, but crucial, that plant workers like you are abundantly supported for your work…

… because if we’re not, we’re more apt to burn out, and that doesn’t do much to add healing to the world. Not only are we harmed in the process, but fewer people get connected to plant medicine.

I also believe that it’s possible for you to make money without becoming a dirty capitalist, a sleazy car salesman, or otherwise inaccessible or manipulative.

That we can look to nature, and to each other, for examples of how business could be done differently. So we don’t have to compromise our values in order to make it work.

I believe that business can be a force of healing in the world, rather than harm. Both personally and collectively.

And I believe that in order for this to happen, we’ve got to work together. Our DIY or Die ethos isn’t going to cut it here.

For all these reasons and more, I created The Greenhouse, an online community and 6-month coaching program designed to help your herbal business flourish without you selling out or burning out along the way.

Here's the challenge.

Despite our passion, and the very real need for our work, herbalists and plant healers often struggle when it comes to starting and growing a business. 

In fact, it’s so prevalent that it’s often seen as just-the-way-it-is.

“You can’t make money as an herbalist.” or “You can’t make a living working with plants.”

Many of us have internalized this trope of THE STARVING HERBALIST, and it causes us to accept a whole lot of lack and hardship that’s completely unnecessary (and harmful).

And it’s nice to have that to place the blame on, honestly. Because if that’s not true, then the alternative must be that there’s something wrong with us.

But what if there was nothing wrong with you and your ability to learn new skills, AND it was totally possible for plant people to have successful businesses?

The problem is not you, and it’s not herbalism. The problem is that Business-as-Usual is toxic AF, and is fundamentally at odds with our vision of healing.

It’s rooted in overwork, hyper-individualism, manipulation, competition, standardization, extraction, urgency, and disembodiment. (And all of that is a HARD NO for us).

And as long as the way we’re doing business doesn’t FEEL GOOD, we’re going to be less likely to show up and participate. In fact, we may be inclined to do the exact opposite.

For a lot of clients I work with, this looks like:

  • Avoiding marketing and selling like the plague, because they don’t want to be salesy and sleazy or spend all their time on social media
  • Undercharging for their work because anything more than that feels unethical
  • Giving away their work to try and create accessibility in a world in which that is sorely lacking.
  • Staying small so that it’s less likely the regulatory powers-that-be will notice them, or that others will judge them.
  • BUT ALSO occasionally buckling down and working long hours, trying to decipher the regs on their own, copying tactics they see others using, and pushing sales, only to feel gross, exhausted, and discouraged when things still don’t fall into place (a perfect recipe for burnout).

It’s a rollercoaster ride, and it’s hard on our nervous systems and our bank accounts. And it’s made all the harder because of another core tenet of Business as Usual, which is the idea that we have to do everything by ourselves.

For my clients, this DIY or Die ethos manifests as:

  • Not reaching out for support, or believing support isn’t available to them
  • Believing that it’s better – or safer – to figure things out on their own
  • Navigating the challenging world of herbal entrepreneurship solo, and not knowing who to turn to when they need help or want to share their successes.
  • Running in circles in their heads because they lack outside perspectives on their personal struggles and business ideas.

It doesn't have to be this way.

You are not the problem. Herbalism is not the problem. What we need are ways of doing business that feel good to us, a community to support us, and systems in place that allow us to make the money we need to flourish.

So that the Starving Herbalist can become a relic of the past, instead of our lived experience.

Instead, what if you could...

Here's what we do in the Greenhouse is DIFFERENT

There are three “petals” to our work together.

A trillium with the words cultivate, remediate, and generate written on the petals


We get support tuning into our bodies, co-regulating our nervous systems, unlearning internalized oppressions and old stories that are no longer serving us, and reconnecting with our inner compass. All so that we can more easily access our creativity and intuition, and build businesses in alignment with THAT.


We work together to learn new skills and develop systems, so that our businesses can run smoothly, and our work can be seen and understood.


We co-create aligned ways of doing business, rooted in ecology and our desire for collective liberation and healing, so that showing up in our businesses feels exciting and generating, rather than gross and draining.

Meet your Coach

Image of Stephanie Boucher, a white woman in her 30s with tattoos and a septum piercing, smiling at the cameraHey there, I’m Stephanie Boucher.

I’m a botanical business coach, and I help herbal and cannabis entrepreneurs grow thriving businesses without replicating harmful practices or compromising their well-being.

Instead, I show you how to create a livelihood for yourself that is aligned with your values and vision for the world (and for your life). I do that by not only sharing the necessary skills and know-how you need to navigate the business world, but also helping you navigate the emotional triggers and ethical dilemmas that arise as we put ourselves and our work out there.

For over a decade I’ve worked as an herbalist (both as a product maker and a clinician), a teacher, a cannabis advocate, a business owner, and a transformational coach, and in that time I’ve taught and worked with hundreds of plant people and entrepreneurs.

I’m passionate about helping other herbalists like you not only make a sustainable livelihood from your gifts, but also transform your entrepreneurship into a tool of personal and collective healing.

Because I believe that when healers flourish, we all flourish.

You can learn more about me and my lineage here.

Here’s how it works…

When you enroll in the Greenhouse, you get all of this:


Includes access to content and template libraries, community membership, group calls with recordings and transcripts available, and bonus classes

Includes all group features PLUS six (6) 60-minute 1:1 coaching calls AND private text support in between calls

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Here's the deal:

Because I am committed to dismantling systemic inequality, 20% of spots in this program are available at a reduced rate ($100/mo for the group features, $200/mo with 1:1 support added on). This works out to 2 partial scholarship spots at each level. These spots are intended for marginalized folks and people with financial need. For more context on why I offer this and how to determine if you qualify, click here.

Once you've read this and identify as needing a discount, simply check that you're interested in a scholarship on the application.

I offer this not because I don't need money. In fact, women-run businesses in general are massively undercaptialized. If you're able to pay in full, and pay the full rate, I ask that you do so, as this allows me to both get my needs met as well as offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford the full rate. When considering what you can comfortably afford, I ask that you consider your relative privilege and access to wealth, something that is a good practice for us all to do.

Additionally, VSAC Advancement Grants for up to the full amount are available to income-eligible Vermonters (more on VSAC grants here)! 

If you are able to pay the rate but need an extended payment plan, simply check that box on the application and let me know what would work for you. 🙂

Group calls typically happen on Thursdays from 2-3:15pm ET. There are 2-3 group calls per month, creating space for integration weeks in between.

Additionally, 60-minute group co-working calls happen every Monday at 1pm ET.

Maybe. If you have a solid idea and are ready to hit the ground running, it could be a good fit. In fact, much of the content in the library will help you through those initial stages of getting everything set up.

If you don't have a solid idea just yet, this may not be the right level of support for you in this moment. I'm hard at work building out a standalone course that can help you in these early stages, so stay tuned for that.

Unsure? I recommend booking a free Visioning Call with me and we can take a look at where you're at.

No. This program is meant for folks who've already gone through herbal training (either via school or self-study) and have the herbal skills under their belt already.

If you don't already have a solid background working with plants, I recommend the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and Rosemary Gladstar's home study course as great places to start.

You'll have continued access to the content and template libraries, including all future updates, for as long as this program is being offered!

Access to the private community, group calls, and bonus classes will end after 6 months, unless you choose to renew your membership.

Over 40 lessons (and growing) touching on all aspects of starting and growing your herbal business. I'm also in the process of refining and building on the current curriculum, so it's gonna get even better (and you'll get access to all future updates!)

Here are some highlights, to give you an idea what's in there currently:

🌱 Crafting your Vision + Mission
🌱 Making Friends with your Fear
🌱 Identifying your Resources
🌱 Your Business Plan
🌱 FDA Good Manufacturing Practies (with Guido Masé)
🌱 Labeling and Claims (with Zoë Gardner)
🌱 Banking and Accounting
🌱 Insurance
🌱 Finding your Ideal Customer
🌱 Writing Compelling, Compliant, and non-Cringey Copy
🌱 Marketing Strategies
🌱 Setting Prices to THRIVE
🌱 Reciprocity and Accessibility


and more!

Absolutely. You can book a free 45-minute visioning call here.

If my calendar is already booked up, or if you'd prefer to email, reach out to stephanie@budtobloomcoaching.com. We can connect that way and we may even be able to find a time to chat that's not on my public calendar.

How to Apply

Simply fill out a quick form telling me a little bit about your business or biz idea. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if it feels like a good fit! 

I believe in your work, and that there is a real need for it.

I believe you can learn the skills required to run not only a successful business, but a business that FEELS GOOD to you. One that is aligned, sustainable, pleasurable, fulfilling, and healing, both for you and your audience.

And I believe that coming together and getting support is key to doing just that.

I designed the Greenhouse to give you that surround sound support along with all the business tools and skills that you likely haven’t been taught.

Because I don’t know about you, but I want to live in a world in where people engaged in caregiving (that’s you) aren’t devalued and struggling to make ends meet.

A world in which more people are tuned into the power of plant medicine, and the message that our healing is inextricably linked to the earth has become common knowledge.

Where business isn’t a dirty word, but rather shorthand for the collective work we engage in to make that world a reality.

Are you in?

Because nothing in nature works without support, and neither should you.

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