a 6-month mentorship program
for emerging herbal and hemp entrepreneurs

The plants are calling you to step into your dream life.

I see you. You’ve got the beginnings of a plant-based business you love and believe in, but something still isn’t clicking, and some days you think about throwing in the proverbial tea towel.

Tell me, does any of this feel familiar?

  • You’re not making as much as you would like, which leaves you feeling overstretched, under-resourced, and questioning whether or not you’ve got what it takes.


  • You know you need to market your offerings, but even that word leaves a bitter taste in your mouth (and not the good kind).


  • You’ve got a gazillion ideas but can’t seem to focus on one long enough to really let it grow, or organize your time in a way that works for you.


  • Navigating the regulations leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed, and you’re scared to death of being “found out” and shut down.


  • You feel like you’re doing EVERYthing in your business by yourself, including dealing with the fear and uncertainty that entrepreneurship inevitably brings up


  • It feels like your personal values and love of the plants are in a constant tug of war with “running a business,” and you wish you could just give it all away for free instead (and often do… hence the first bulletpoint).

It doesn't have to be this way...

What if you could run a plant-based business that not only fulfilled you, but also paid the bills? Or even made enough so you felt like you were thriving.

If marketing and selling didn’t feel like uphill battles, but instead flowed easily and felt in alignment with your passions instead of at odds with them.

If you felt supported in bringing your vision to the world, by both mentors and colleagues, instead of feeling like you had to DIY everything?

If you knew how to organize your time and energy so that the dreams and visions you have for your business (and your life) actually became reality?

Here's the thing, plant lover....

You can’t DIY everything. In order to make your visions into reality, you need support, and not jut any support. There are actually TWO levels of support you need:

  1. You need to feel confident with the OUTER pieces: things like licensing, accounting, marketing, and so on…

  2. AND you need support working through the INNER pieces that keep sprouting up in front of you when you try to make a move: the fears, the places where you feel resistance, and the negative and limiting beliefs that hold you back.

But that’s not everything. Because you’re a radical plant person, and you like to do things differently, the traditional models of business building have probably felt a bit “off” to you. Too exploitative, too extractive. Too rooted in capitalism and all its associated systems of oppression.

You need a method of growing your business that is deeply connected to the plants and patterns of nature.

That’s how you want to live your life, why wouldn’t it be how you run your business?


the Greenhouse

6 months to finally launch and grow the botanical business of your dreams.

Starting and growing a business, just like growing a plant, takes time, love, and attention. In a world that values getting a “normal job” and playing it safe, it can feel daunting to step out on a limb and follow one’s dreams.

It becomes a lot easier with guidance, community, and inspiration from the natural world itself.

In the Greenhouse we look within to each other, and to the plants, so that we’re growing our own business from our hearts, with support, and in alignment with nature, instead of fighting against it. when we do this, magic happens.

Because nothing in nature works without support, and neither should you.

Here’s what we’re going to explore together….


(the Container)

Create a solid and fertile container for our work together

Get clear on your goals for our time together, and set powerful intentions to help guide your journey

Learn the 9 principles that nature follows in designing ecosystems, and how we can adapt them to practices that will grow abundant and resilient businesses

Discover how aligning our businesses with plant patterns can unlock the flow and fulfillment you’ve been searching for

At the end of this section  you will have a powerful set of nature-based tools, as well as clear inner and outer goals, to guide your work through the rest of the program.


(the Groundwork)

Sink deeply into your WHY, feel into what's possible, and shine the light on the obstacles hiding in your Shadow

 Get crystal clear on your values, your big vision, and what success looks like for YOU

 Cultivate your intuitive connection to the plants and to your higher wisdom

 Identify the many overlooked resources you have available to you

 Identify and work through the subconscious fears and limiting beliefs lurking under the surface that are silently sabotaging your efforts

At the end of this section you will feel connected to your business and to the plants like you never have before, and will also be able  to clearly recognize and interrupt your patterns of self-sabotage


(the Structure)

Create the structures and systems needed to allow your business to stand upright and flow smoothly

 Get in compliance with local and federal laws so you don’t have to feel scared anymore

 Register your business to make it all official

 Have FUN writing your Business Plan 

 Create a schedule that works for YOU

 Decide if you need Insurance and learn how to look for it

 Find the right technology and software that will help your business FLOW

 Establish your bank accounts, accounting software, and finding a payment processor who will work with you.

 Know how to track your expenses right so you don’t get a rude surprise come tax time.

 Work through the fears of doing it wrong or getting in trouble

At the end of this section you will feel confident in executing the nuts and bolts of your business, and know how to make your business legit and fully functional.


(the Message)

Uncover your unique message and marketing strategy that's going to bring all the bees to the yard

  Identify your ideal client or customer and know how to reach them

 Develop a marketing strategy that doesn’t feel icky

 Create a brand that reflects you and your values

 Write for your blog, webpage or social media in a way that captures people’s attention

 Work through the fears of visibility, the comparison trap, and Imposter Syndrome

At the end of this section you will have a brand that feels aligned, know who and where your people are, and feel excited to share your message with them


(the Harvest)

Tap into the abundance you deserve

 Charge what you need in order to thrive and feel okay about receiving it

 Uncover your Money Story and shift it to accurately reflect the abundance that nature provides

 Adopt gratitude practices that will alter the way you see the world and your work

 Grow and nurture your audience so they turn into a community of raving fans 

 Partner with other businesses and organizations to increase both your income and your impact on the world.

 Feel confident in adding people to your team when you’re ready

 Work through money blocks, difficulty receiving, fears of success (yes, that exists), and fears of involving other people in your business.

At the end of this section you will have a radically different relationship with money, know how to set your prices, and be able to both give and receive through a vastly expanded community.

By the end of our time together, you will feel confident in yourself and in your business, clear on what you need to do to succeed, and ready to turn your magic all the way up.

Here’s how it works…


You get instant access to a whole library of content – including courses covering all the modules above, past workshop recordings, and valuable templates – to watch and explore on your own time.

We’ll also hold regular bonus workshops (both with me and with guest teachers), AND you’ll get FREE access to any other longer classes and workshops offered during your program enrollment.


In addition to the self-study material, you get access to an private online group of other botanical entrepreneurs (through Mighty Networks, not Facebook!). This is your space to ask questions, share your struggles, connect with potential partners and collaborators, learn from each other, and get questions answered by me.

As part of this group, once per month we will have a 90-Minute Full Moon Mastermind Session where you can bring your questions, confusions and struggles to a live call to get workshopped with me and the other folks in the program, as well as a 90-Minute New Moon Intention Setting Call to get really clear on your goals for the month and get support planning their execution. Calls are held every other Thursday from 2-3:30pm ET, and are recorded if you’re unable to attend live.


Finally, for those of you who are ready to go deeper and experience accelerated growth, you can add on either 6 or 12 60-Minute 1:1 Coaching calls with me every month. During these calls you have my full attention, and we can dive deeper into inner work like rewiring negative thoughts or working through fears, or outer work like goal setting and strategizing.

You can also choose to book these calls a la carte, but if you add on a coaching package when you enroll you’ll not only get those calls at a discount but also get private support via Signal in between sessions.


Group Features Only

Group + (6) 1:1 Sessions

Everything from above


Group + (12) 1:1 sessions

Everything from above


* Payment Options *


Women-run businesses in general are massively undercaptialized. If you’re able to pay in full, and pay the full rate, I ask that you do so, as this allows me to both get my needs met as well as offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford the full rate. When considering what you can comfortably afford, I ask that you consider your relative privilege and access to wealth, something that is a good practice for us all to do.

Because I am committed to dismantling systemic inequality, shame-free partial scholarships are available to marginalized folks and people with financial need. For more context on why I offer this and how to determine your rate, click here. Once you’ve read this and identify as needing a discount, simply check that you’re interested in a scholarship on the application below, and if we’re a good fit for each other, we’ll figure out a way to make it work within your budget. 

Additionally, VSAC Advancement Grants for up to $2500 are available to income-eligible Vermonters (more on VSAC grants here)! 

How to Apply

Simply fill out a quick form telling me a little bit about your business or biz idea. I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to let you know if it feels like a good fit! And if you have additional questions, you’ll also have the opportunity to hop on a call with me.

Who will you be working with?

Hi, I’m Stephanie. Like you, I feel called to work with plant medicine. And I am absolutely in awe and gratitude every single day that I get to do this work for a living.

Not only do I get to work with herbs, including cannabis, doing the sacred work of helping people feel more vibrant by reconnecting with nature in this way, but I also get to set my own hours, spend more time with my family, be on the land more, and feel able to live my days in alignment with my values and my passions.

But it wasn’t always this way.

As a young girl, I dreamed of having my own business. You see, I come from a long line of entrepreneurs — my dad (and both of his parents) were antique dealers, and my aunt and uncle have had multiple businesses throughout their lives. 

But somewhere along the line I decided to let fear run the show.

Fear of failure. Fear of being seen as a fraud. Fear of being seen, period. The end result was I resigned myself to working in a series of unfulfilling jobs from the young age of 14 up until I was 34.

After attending herb school I finally felt like I had what I needed to make it work, and I boldly launched my clinical practice. But something was still missing. My herb school was amazing at teaching me how to be an herbalist, and they tried to teach me how to start a business…

…But I was still lacking a LOT of nuts and bolts info that you NEED to make a new botanical business work. 

I tried to fill in the gaps on my own, but most of the resources I found operated under the conventional model of running a business, which felt entirely divorced from the natural world. There was no room for rest, only endless productivity. No space made for Spirit, for emotions, or the body, only for financial gain. Little emphasis on collaboration and connection, in favor of competition and rugged individualism.

As a result, I was running myself ragged and started to lose sight of why I wanted to start a business in the first place.

That’s when I realized that in order to start a successful herbal business, you need three things – the outer nuts-and-bolts, the tools to do the inner work that will be required of you, and a NEW way of doing business that is rooted in nature and plant wisdom. Once I got those three pieces in place, everything changed and I finally felt like I had the freedom and fulfillment I dreamt of as a little girl.

I started Bud to Bloom Coaching because I want that for everybody.

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You already have some training (including self study) in herbalism
  • You’re in year 0-3 of starting your own herbal/CBD product line, clinical herbal practice, herb farm or nursery, an herb school, botanical art or any other business rooted in healing plants.
  • You are ready to commit to yourself and your vision, and have a solid idea that you want to work on.
  • You feel a spiritual connection with the plants and want to use your business as a way to connect deeper with nature and your purpose.
  • You want your business to bring in money, but also be a deeply transformative and life-altering experience for both you and others.
  • You’re ready to look at the fears and resistances that are holding you back from making the leaps that your heart desires, and work through them. Not just for the sake of your business, but because it will help you evolve as a human being on planet earth.

This program is not for you if...

  • You’re just looking to get rich off the Cannabis or CBD craze.
  • You don’t already have some background working with herbs and an idea for your business
  • You aren’t ready to do both the inner and outer work necessary.
  • You don’t believe in the magic of plants.

These past few years have been marked by uncertainty, but one thing is for sure — we are in a time of MASSIVE transformation. In moments of transition such as this, there is an unprecedented opportunity to re-evaluate what we have been doing, and chart a new course that is greater alignment with the world we want to be living in.

So tell me, what are you done tolerating?
What is it that you want to create?
If not now, then what exactly are you waiting for?

It IS possible to to create the magical life, business, and world you’ve been dreaming of.

The plants are calling you. Are you ready to listen?

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