Book a 60 Minute Support Sesh with Stephanie

Feeling stuck in your business?

Emotionally drained or drowning in fear or resistance?

Need a strategy to get you where you want to be?

You could be just 60 minutes away from a new perspective or a fresh start.

Hi, I'm Stephanie

My passion is helping plant-based entrepreneurs like you grow their businesses in alignment with their values and with the earth, and I’d love to chat. Learn more about me here.

What sorts of things make good fodder for a coaching call?

In terms of OUTER work…

  • long term business planning, and then creating a step-by-step plan to get there
  • rethinking your marketing strategy
  • getting feedback on content (landing pages, emails, blogs, labels, etc.)
  • making a plan to get your products into compliance with state and federal guidelines
  • finding solutions to time management struggles
  • updating your pricing to be both accessible to others and sustainable for you
  • finding alternative income streams you may be overlooking
  • and more….
And in terms of INNER work…
  • Identifying the real source of your resistance patterns and finding ways to lovingly work through them
  • Working through ALL the fears: of visibility, of success, of failure, of being seen as a fraud, of getting in trouble, of being rejected, of being a dirty capitalist… you name it
  • Getting back in touch with the big vision and mission for your work
  • Coping with the emotional exhaustion that entrepreneurship within capitalism can bring, and learning new ways of working that can avoid this
  • Getting familiar with your money story and traumas around money so that you can actually receive and give in healthy ways.

In a typical session, I like to look at both the inner and outer dimensions of whatever you bring, since it’s hard to make real change without this.

Also, I strive for my coaching and consulting to first and foremost help you tap into your own inner wisdom (rather than me telling you what to do, although I offer my opinion as appropriate) and I try to always come from an anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, and earth-centric perspective.


The exchange for a 60-Minute Coaching Session is $200. This includes not only our time together, but also detailed notes and action steps emailed to you after the call, along with an oracle card image and description as an added layer of guidance.

Because I’m committed to financial accessibility I do offer shame-free sliding scale and payment plan options on all my offerings. If my rate would create financial hardship for you, especially if you are BIPOC or otherwise marginalized, feel free to use one of the discounted rates provided ($150 and $100 rates available). Not sure what to do? Learn more about my pricing philosophy and get guidance on how to choose your rate here.

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