Let's create a flourishing business to support your growth

For healing. For new, holistic ways of running a business. For a world where people engaged in caregiving (that’s you) aren’t devalued and struggling to make ends meet. Where instead you are supported enough to make the impact you want and the income you need to be in it for the long haul.

Because this world needs your work, now more than ever.

As a botanical business coach and conscious copywriter, I help plant people grow flourishing businesses without selling out, burning out, or going it alone.

I specialize in working with clinicians, product makers, educators, cannabis entrepreneurs, and other plant people who want to have a bigger impact and income, without leveraging harmful business practices.

Instead, I show you how to turn your business into potent medicine with the power to serve and heal both you and your audience.

I do that by teaching practical business skills while also navigating the inevitable inner and outer roadblocks that rise up when we start pushing our growth edges and questioning Business As Usual. That way you don’t get stuck, and you’re able to leverage your business as a tool of personal and collective growth (and be financially supported as you do!)

I also do that by channeling your vision into stellar, compelling copy for your website, your emails, your product descriptions, and more. All of it while avoiding the potential FDA no-nos other copywriters might miss, and the conventional manipulative tactics they might deploy. That way you don’t have to feel gross or scared about marketing anymore, and your offerings can finally reach those who need them. 

This is our work together.

Image of Stephanie, a white woman with short brown hair, tattoos, and a septum piercing standing in front of Mt. Katahdin in northern Maine.

A little more about me

In addition to being a business coach and copywriter, I’m also a trained clinical herbalist, a former solo hitchhiker and vagabond permaculturist, a poet, a grad-level educated sociologist, a mother, and a queer, femme, anticapitalist witch who’s always liked to shake things up and question the status quo.

I not only come from a long line of entrepreneurs, but I’ve also owned and operated multiple herbal businesses over the past ten years – doing everything from product making to teaching to freelance writing to clinical work and wellness coaching.

Over that decade, I’ve not only personally navigated what it’s like to run many different kinds of businesses, but I’ve also taught hundreds of people how to work with herbs and make money doing it.

What all this means for you is that I understand this industry, its many dimensions and angles, and its unique challenges. That I understand what it’s like to try to juggle multiple responsibilities without a ton of resources to work with.

And that my approach to business is deeply embedded in both an appreciation of natural systems and a critique of the socioeconomic systems we’re all trying to survive.

–> Read more about my values and business practices here.

Here’s what got me ready to be your coach and copywriter:

  • I'm a trained clinical herbalist, which means that I have spent years getting to know the plants on a deep level. I don't just think about plants as economic resources to be pawns in our businesses. I see them as living creatures that exist for themselves first, and that we have the honor of partnering with in our business.

  • I have almost a Masters in Sociology (I wrote a thesis but then dropped out to be a farmer) which means I understand the ways our current realities are socially constructed – and how they can be changed. It also means I understand inequality and oppression and keep that front of mind in all of my work – because conventional business and marketing is really good at replicating those things, and that’s not what my work (or yours) is about.

  • I started out college as a Creative Writing major, which means that I not only know how to write academically, but also in emotive ways that capture the imagination of the reader.

  • I’m a certified Sacred Depths Coach, which means I put in the work to learn solid, transformative coaching skills. No scripts or cookie-cutter solutions here.

  • I’m also working on a certificate in Feminist Copywriting (now known as Copywriting for Culture Makers), which means I can help you uncover your message and share it in a way that is irresistable, change-making, and healing – without being manipulative, leveraging oppression, or otherwise being harmful to our audience.

  • I also have certificates in Permaculture Design, the Trauma of Money method, Cannabis Coaching, Cannabis Science and Medicine, and Holistic Time Management, which shows just what a nerd I am and how I’m literally always learning new skills and weaving them together into the best possible content and coaching I can offer you.

  • Not to mention my years in the trenches actually running multiple plant-based businesses and learning from the many mistakes I made – all so that I can help you avoid making the same ones.

What brought me to the plants...

I wasn’t always a plant person. Because deep down I’m actually a total nerd, I ended up spending a long time in academia, eventually landing me in a soul-draining, body-destroying PhD program in sociology, until my inner rebel couldn’t take it anymore and ran away to California to WWOOF (volunteering on organic farms).

At the time I was really excited about food politics and wanting to learn about farming vegetables and ethically raising animals, and that happened, but what also happened serendipitously was a found myself on a Cannabis farm in Mendocino County filled with anarchists and herbalists, and something inside me opened up that had been desperately wanting to come out.

From this experience I knew that working with medicinal plants was where I was meant to be, and I followed that trail of bread crumbs to the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, as well as a job at one of the first cannabis dispensaries in Vermont. 

When this happened, I realized that I had discovered a livelihood that allowed me to bring my whole self into it, body, mind, and spirit. That allowed me to harness my inner rebel. Something that never felt possible in any other work I had done, or things I had studied. 

But something still wasn’t right. At the dispensary I got to work with medicinal plants, including my rebellious ally, Cannabis, but the work culture there was toxic, and increasingly pharmaceutical and corporate. It felt like it was sucking the life out of my love for plant medicine, and it was starting to feel like any other job I had ever held — menial and extractive, and not fully utilizing my abilities or allowing me to feel fulfilled.

Luckily, I’d also always had a keen interest in running a business (many in my family have been self-employed, including my dad who was an antique dealer), and I’d had a number of side hustles throughout the year.

So when I had yet another “I can’t take anymore” moment, even though it was absolutely terrifying, I decided this was it. This could be my ticket out of exploitative wage work. I took the leap to start my first business CannaBotanicals and I never looked back.

What brought me to business coaching...

When I first started out, I made products and I offered herbal consultations and eventually wellness coaching, and I was happy and business was going well, but something still felt a bit off. I started to realize that the clients I liked working with the most were the ones who were entrepreneurs like me, and that was actually a lot more excited to help them in their businesses than I was with providing them with herbal formulas. 

I began to realize that this was actually my true passion. That I had learned a ton along the way about running a business, as well as how to be a good clinician and coach, and that what I really wanted to be doing was helping other herbal and hemp entrepreneurs make their visions a reality.

Becoming self employed and having an herbal business is one of the most transformative experiences I’ve gone through in my life, and it has changed my life in countless positive ways. 

And I want that for everybody. I want you all to feel like your work in the world is aligned with your passions and gives you a sense of purpose.  Like your work helps to create the world you want to live in, AND that you are able to be financially supported by that work, not just to survive but to thrive.

And because I’ve been through it, I know that while it is worth every second, it’s by no means an easy journey. And I spent too much of my time early on trying to do everything myself because that’s what I thought I was supposed to do.

I DIY’d and googled everything, and had many rude awakenings when I realized sometimes years after the fact that I had been making some pretty glaring mistakes in my labeling, or my marketing, or even my formulation. Not only that, but I struggled needlessly for years with inner blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs about myself and the world that consistently got in the way of my business (and myself) standing in it’s full power.

So I wanted to be the coach that I desperately needed in those early years. To guide folks not only in the complicated external reality of growing an herbal or cannabis business, but also to plumb the depths of the inner work necessary to push oneself beyond the familiar, and into the extraordinary possibilities that lie beyond those edges.

My lineage

Over the years I’ve studied with and learned from a number of amazing folks who have deeply informed how I approach plant medicine, coaching, and business.

I am indebted to my herbal teachers at the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism and beyond, including Larken Bunce, Guido Mase, Betzy Bancroft, Julie Mitchell, and Laura Litchfield, as well as the fairy godmother herself, Rosemary Gladstar. I also credit Mandana Boushee and Amanda David of Rootwork Herbals with helping me understand how to bring more diversity, equity, and inclusion to the herbal industry.

I also want to acknowledge those who have taught me about the land, first and foremost being the land itself — including The Plants (all of them) and the Landscapes of the Gulf of Maine, Northeast Woodlands, Pacific Coast, and Western High Desert bioregions. I am also indebted to Lisa Fernandes, who taught me how to do ecological design, and to the writings of Robin Wall Kimmerer, Annie Dillard, and Mary Oliver.

My coaching mentors include several of my own coaches, including Britt Bolnick who modeled group facilitation and taught me how to integrate magic into my business, and Joanna Lindenbaum, who taught me how to coach in deep and powerful ways that actually create meaningful transformation.

Finally, I am incredibly indebted to the many courageous folks who are on the cutting edge of developing innovative, non-oppressive, consensual, and anti-capitalist business practices. I have learned an immense amount from Bear Hebert, Toi Marie, George Kao, Kelly Diels, and the faculty of Chantel Chapman’s Trauma of Money program.

Others deserving credit for their influence on my life and work include: Amanda Franz for teaching me trauma-informed re-embodiment, Kristina Wolff for planting in me the seeds of justice and trust in the possibility of new worlds, and the writings of Joanna Macy, adrienne maree brown, Chani Nicholas, Edgar Villanueva, and Charles Eisenstein for continuing to nourish my attempts to co-create another more beautiful world with you all.

Ready to join forces?

Together, we’ll work to create a business that is not only more impactful, but is also more supportive of you and your growth.

So let’s get to know each other more. Follow me on Instagram, sign up for my Monday Medicine Letters, and check out all the ways we can work together here.

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